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Need more support getting a handle on your nutrition? Cook2Fit is a nutrition program that focuses on building behaviors and habits one step at a time. If you’re looking for more education, support, accountability and FUN join our passionate Cook2Fit Crew today!


Fitzy & Rebecca

Cook2Fit was created by Fitzy and Rebecca. These ladies are passionate about living a full, active and healthy lifestyle. Both are CrossFit athletes who juggle fitness, family and fun while making longevity a priority. Cook2Fit all started with constant conversations about macronutrients, goal setting, and chasing excellence over coffee or protein shakes. We realized how parallel our mindset, goals, and style of supporting were. So we started coaching each other, saw great results, and decided it was time to share this knowledge with others. Fitzy and Rebecca are both Precision Nutrition Certified coaches. Our foundational philosophies are to change individual behaviors in relation to health and nutrition. We use a program called ProCoach. This program takes all of our clients through daily lessons and habits, which allow them to understand themselves and their relationship with food. As coaches we get to know you personally, while coaching you virtually. Obtaining a deep understanding of habits and behaviors creates longevity and not a “quick fix.”

Scan… Analyze… Make a Plan!

In our continual quest to provide value and the most holistic approach to your health and fitness journey, Cook2Fit Nutrition has invested in the InBody 270 – a top of the line body composition analyzer with a 98% accuracy rate. Check out the sample report below of what you get with each test.

Why the InBody 270?

It’s quick, easy and precise. There’s no dunking, no pinching, no goo on your skin. All you have to do is step up, hold on, and you’ll get a full page print-out in 90 seconds. In addition to total body fat and lean mass percentages, the InBody breaks down each segment of your body. This helps you see imbalances; as well, gives an estimate for your total visceral fat by using the body fat percentage in your trunk and legs as an indicator.

Inbody 270 Scanner

3 Reasons to Get Tested

Use body composition analysis to stay motivated and reach your goals. Track your fat decrease and muscle mass increase over time, so you can see yourself becoming healthier and stronger. You can’t track these changes with a regular scale.

2Find out if you’re ‘Skinny Fat.’ Skinny doesn’t always equal healthy. ‘Skinny Fat’ is a term used to describe those people who are thin, yet have more fat and less muscle than recommended. These people have the same health risks as those who are considered obese. Knowing your body composition can help you understand health risks and spur you on to take the actions necessary to prevent sickness and certain diseases.

3BMI doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s just a ratio of height & weight that determines if someone is underweight, normal or obese. BMI doesn’t factor in muscle or fat mass and can be an inaccurate representation of someone’s health.

Summer Shred

Nourish Your Body
Improve Performance
Meet Goals
Lose Body Fat

From April-June. Every pound of muscle gained and body fat lost is “1 box” closer to a new GHD! Join the Summer Mission!

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  • Scan + Macros
    • $ 40 One-time
      • 1 InBody Scan
      • Macro Calculations

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  • 1-on-1 Virtual Coaching
    • $ 75 Monthly
      • $99 1st month, then $75/month
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